With the current worldwide health crisis, the priority of the Group is above all the health of its employees and customers. The Group has implemented all the measures necessary to protect all of its teams while ensuring the continuity of its activities in strict compliance with health safety rules.



Sanitary measures have been reinforced across all operating sites: our teams are responsible for cleaning and increased disinfection of contact areas such as kitchens, restaurants, bedrooms and offices on site.

Complementary actions are carried out on a daily basis such as controlling the temperature of the teams and residents twice a day, hand washing on site on a mandatory basis or the provision of hydroalcoholic gels at the entrance to the offices.

An adapted goods reception protocol has been set up for our subsidiaries, particularly in Algeria, in our warehouses in Hassi Messaoud, as well as in Bolivia where all trucks are disinfected before and after each delivery. In Senegal, CIS has set up a new dry and frozen storage area to house a three-month supply of food, beverages and cleaning products.

In our restaurants, markings on the ground as well as the installation of tables have been modified to promote the social distance of 1m. Awareness campaigns on barrier gestures and training on the best practices of wearing the mask were organized for our managers, and campaigns were relayed to residents.

In Mauritania, on the Tasiast life base, which has more than 1,800 residents, CIS has created and equipped a quarantine zone with delivery of meals according to a strict security procedure. In addition, CIS has designed thousands of containment kits consisting of long-lasting food and hygiene products at the Ministry of Health.

In Saudi Arabia as well as in the DRC, the catering teams prepare lunch packs and sandwiches instead of the usual meals.

In Malawi where CIS supports its client VALE, our teams carry out complete disinfection of all mining trains in order to reduce viral contamination.


CIS teams were praised by their clients for their commitment and professionalism during the covid19 period. In fact, in Mongolia, our HSE teams were rewarded by our client Rio Tinto for their mobilization and their excellent work against the covid19 at the Oyu Tolgoi mine. In the DRC, on the largest copper and cobalt mine in the country, our client TFM congratulated the CIS teams for the quality of the services delivered in strict compliance with the health rules.

CIS teams, around the world, show solidarity

Under the intitiative of Régis Arnoux, the CIS headquarters donated 1,200 masks to the resuscitation department of the Marseille North Hospital, and delivered 1,000 pack meals to the Timone hospital in Marseille.

Local solidarity initiatives are also carried out at the various sites where the Group operates:

In Mongolia, our SSM subsidiary offered 2,000 masks as well as meals to the emergency department of the Khanbogd region near our site.

In Russia, CIS provided meals to caregivers treating patients with Covid-19 as well as food for poor families.

In Bolivia, CIS wished to support its employees by offering them each a 30 kg package of food.

In Africa, CIS Chad has donated hundreds of soaps to children in the « Dieu Bénit » orphanage to ensure they can perform basic barrier gestures and maintain a level of hygiene and offered hygiene and maintenance products to the government of the city of Doba.

In Burkina Faso, CIS appealed to Burkinabé tailors to made sheet masks.

In Mozambique, CIS partnered with the Franco-Mozambican Chamber of Commerce and Industry to purchase sewing machines and traditional fabrics for women in an association to produce protective masks.

«I would like to personally thank all of the employees who ensure the continuity of services on our operating sites on a daily basis», Régis Arnoux