“CIS, a story of conviction, passion and boldness.”


Despite a pandemic context that remained difficult in 2021, CIS was able to maintain its level of activity with a sustained growth throughout the year, with an 11% increase in revenues at constant exchange rates.

The Group’s activity benefited from a strong commercial dynamic and the ramp-up of numerous contracts throughout the year. CIS has achieved major commercial successes which should enable to consolidate its positions while continuing to develop with its customers in all the regions where the Group is present.

CIS has once again demonstrated a great capacity for resilience. The main growth drivers were South America (+25.5%), Eurasia (+17.9%), and Africa (+9.3% at constant scope), where the Group consolidated and developed its positions with local and international oil and mining players.


CIS is also taking all the necessary measures to ensure the physical protection of all its teams, in France and abroad, in difficult areas, as well as the protection of their health concerning Covid-19 and its variants.

"CIS has once again demonstrated a great capacity for resilience."

CIS’ growth is based on its ability to innovate, anticipate and adapt to the future needs of its customers and residents.

Around its core business of catering, accommodation services, and facility management, CIS has developed a set of innovative solutions, called «smart4you», to meet its clients’ expectations in terms of safety, well-being, performance, and efficiency, and thus improve the quality of life of its residents. The Group has also developed a new range of services, particularly in the area of disinfection and identification of contaminated items.

Finally, the arrival in 2019 of Yannick Morillon as Managing Director will enable CIS to consolidate its governance and ensure the company’s future. This will be done with the support of all the teams both at the headquarters and in the countries of operation, supported by a strengthened executive committee.

"I would like to thank all the teams et CIS France and in all our countries of operation who have shown courage, dedication, adaptability, and strong skills."

Régis Arnoux
Founder & Chairman of CIS Group