The CIS Group is based on strong values, which are rooted in our DNA.


One of those values is passion and is inspired by the passion of CIS’ founder, Régis Arnoux, for the extraordinary profession of remote site management.

This passion  has led us to carry out our activities in isolated areas all around the world: in the heart of the desert, in the middle of the jungle, on deepwater platforms, and in countries with extreme climatic conditions. Each of our employees at CIS is driven by the challenging nature of our business and by this shared passion.

Another trademark value of the CIS Group is audacity. It’s what gives us our taste for adventure and the curiosity needed to conquer new markets and territories.

Without this passion and audacity, the CIS story would not be possible!


CIS is made up of responsible, admirable and trustworthy men and women. Our teams’ professionalism and expertise have enabled us to establish ourselves as one of the global leaders in remote site management for the past 30 years.

Present in 20 countries and on 260 operational sites across five continents, the Group’s employees demonstrate their ability to adapt on a daily basis, with rigour and discipline, and are always ready to serve our clients.

CIS’ social commitment is based on four pillars:


Our 12,400 employees possess a range of complementary skills and are a source of considerable diversity, which together form the Group’s greatest asset.
Stéphane Caille
Director of Human Resources