Fri 24 Feb 2023

For 15 years, the CIS Corporate Foundation has been committed to helping young people in the Marseille region, with the aim of supporting them in their professional careers and offering them a better future.

In 15 years, it is :

young adults supported

local in our region

Young people
18-25 years old

CIS Corporate Foundation

The CIS Corporate Foundation, created in February 2008 at the instigation of Régis ARNOUX, Chairman and Founder of the CIS Group, supports young adults with projects but limited material resources, to show them that the business world is interested in their career.

The CIS Foundation supports its grant holders for an average of 4 years until their project is completed.

Since its creation, it has helped nearly 150 young adults, including 25 in 2022, who now hold positions in various sectors, notably in the health sector, in banking, in consulting firms or in the video game industry.

This year, two new members have joined the CIS Foundation.

"The CIS Corporate Foundation wants to support the youth of its region and enable those who, having a project but limited in their material means, want to believe in the future.

President of the CIS Foundation

Our commitment: youth

Commitment to youth is an important cause for the CIS Foundation and the CIS Group. As part of its sustainable development programme and since its creation, CIS has been working daily to provide children living near its operating sites with better living conditions and access to education.

Some actions taken by CIS Group:

Brazil: support for a social centre whose aim is to fight against the exclusion of young people through education and support
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Burkina Faso: sponsorship of a primary school with the aim of encouraging literacy 
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DRC: donations to a primary school to promote education
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Chad: support for the Dieu Bénit orphanage
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Russia: donations for children in need
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24 January 2023 was International Education Day
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The scholarships are awarded on the basis of applications, which must be drawn up in detail by the candidates. The request for a file must be made by sending an email to the following address

The complete application file must be returned by post to

CIS Corporate Foundation
40C, avenue de Hambourg
13008 Marseille

Incomplete applications will not be considered. The jury meets throughout the year, once a month, to study new applications and the evolution of those in progress.

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