Mon 29 Jan 2024

Built upon the internationally recognized TalentSoft platform by Cegid, MYCIS represents a significant leap forward for the Group in managing its 12,400 employees, solidifying its ongoing commitment to improving and valuing its workforce.

Photo - CIS Team in Kazakhstan – CAC

At the Heart of MYCIS: Centralization, Digitization, Valorization

Centralizing information and new features within a single platform, MYCIS promotes a consistent and efficient management of human resources, fostering better communication between employees and their management.

Digitizing manual processes into digital workflows, MYCIS streamlines and expedites personnel administration operations, allowing more time to be devoted to employee development.

It also emphasizes the appreciation of each individual's skills, contributions, and potential.

Photo – MYCIS Recruitment Portal

Features of MYCIS

MYCIS is structured around modules, each dedicated to the pillars of our human resources policy, including administrative management, recruitment, career development, performance management, and training:

Administrative Management: Simplification and digitization of daily administrative tasks for increased efficiency.

Recruitment: A direct connection portal for internal and external candidates to explore opportunities within Groupe CIS. Portal link: MYCIS Recruitment Portal

Career Development & Performance: This module focuses on career progression and performance management, providing advanced tools for planning and tracking professional development.

Training Management: Enables the efficient creation and management of training plans and collective/individual employee development. It provides easy access to a range of existing internal training programs.

Photo – CIS Team in DRC – CSS & TS.CIS

Employee Experience: Simplicity, Transparency, Innovation

Through MYCIS, we offer a unique employee experience characterized by easy navigation, transparency in processes, and constant innovation.

Information on CIS Group Human Resources Policy

Information on MYCIS Recruitment Portal