Thu 26 Oct 2023

At CIS, we believe in the importance of contributing to causes that have a significant impact on women's lives. Every year, the month of October takes on a special significance, as the world mobilizes for Pink October, a global campaign dedicated to raising awareness and fighting breast cancer.

United for the cause

CIS teams mobilized throughout the month of October in support of Pink October. The women's teams at the Marseille head office came together in solidarity with all women affected by breast cancer.  

photos - Women's teams at CIS headquarters in Marseille

Group initiatives


The CIS Group has taken concrete steps to raise awareness of breast cancer. 

A communication kit has been distributed to country teams to raise awareness of the gestures to adopt and actions recommended to prevent this type of cancer. 

Throughout October, CIS Marseille teams are taking part in the Triathlon des Roses connected to support the ARC Foundation's breast cancer research projects, which bring hope to so many patients!






Photos - CNA Mauritania women's teams

At the same time, several of the Group's subsidiaries took action in support of this cause, notably in Mauritania, where our kitchen teams prepared a special dish of the day: an all-pink burger, raising awareness of this essential cause among our clients and partners. In addition, at the initiative of their client, several employees went to the town of Chami and its surrounding area to carry out preventive actions. They shared practical demonstrations of palpation techniques for breast cancer screening, playing a crucial role in raising awareness and prevention.

Photos - CAC Kazakhstan women's teams

In Kazakhstan, the teams attended a lecture by a specialist in oncology and mammology, familiarizing them with the most effective methods of breast cancer self-diagnosis.

Photos - CIS Mozambique teams

In Mozambique, in collaboration with our client, we ran initiatives to raise awareness of breast and cervical cancer among staff. We created informative leaflets and decorated balloons in the site's four canteens.

Photo - CIS Brasil women's team

In Brazil, we organized informative conferences on breast cancer care and prevention, while dispelling doubts about self-care practices, examination frequency, risk factors and prevention.

Photo - CIS Marseille female boxers on the occasion of Pink October 

At CIS, we believe in the positive impact of unity and awareness. Join us in our commitment to Pink October and help us support women in their fight against breast cancer. Together, we can make a difference.

Photo - Women's team in Eritrea

Together, we're one step closer to preventing breast cancer and supporting women affected by this disease.