Tue 31 Oct 2023

Since the advent of its Eyesense VR Training project in 2021, CIS Group has been committed to pushing back the boundaries of professional training by integrating virtual reality into its skills development programs. With a remarkable deployment of this technology in 2022, CIS Group has given concrete expression to its commitment to operational excellence and employee safety.

Eyesense presentation video

Watch our immersive VR training program video, Eyesense, for a hands-on look at the virtual training experience on offer. The video is available on our official website and on our YouTube channel.

Immersive Experience and International Deployments

The Eyesense VR training program developed by CIS has been a real hit with Group teams, offering unprecedented immersion in simulated work environments, while guaranteeing a risk-free, highly interactive learning experience.

Initial deployment focused on a module focusing on food safety, successfully tested on teams based in Kazakhstan. These deployments have since been extended to our subsidiaries in Eurasia and Sub-Saharan Africa during 2023, proving the effectiveness and global reach of this training approach.

Photos - CIS teams in Mozambique - CIS Mozambique

Active Support and Accompanying Video

The driving force behind the recent successes of the Eyesense VR training project lies in its ability to offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. With its focus on safety, well-being, processes and sustainable development, the Eyesense VR training project fits seamlessly into CIS's global Smart4you solutions offering.

Photos - CIS teams in Mauritania - CNA Mauritania

To make it easier for teams to get to grips with virtual reality equipment, CIS produced an animated step-by-step video to help users discover the tool itself and how it works. Inspired by the codes of civil aviation, which is very demanding in terms of safety, this video, available in the Group's 5 working languages, will make it even easier for our employees to get to grips with the Eyesense solution.

Photos - CIS teams in Chad - CIS Chad

Tangible results and inspiring testimonials

Since integrating the Eyesense VR training solution, CIS teams have reported a significant improvement in their skills and confidence in the field. Feedback from employees who have completed the virtual reality training modules testifies to better decision-making in critical situations, more effective anticipation of potential risks, and greater day-to-day operational efficiency.

Photos of CIS teams in Kazakhstan - CAC Kazakhstan

"Virtual reality training courses are superb tools that focus on the learner's experience: the content is adapted and formatted to be easily understandable, and the role-playing scenarios enable faster integration of the company's instructions and rules. Here, the right to make mistakes exists and has no consequences!" testifies Quentin, Eyesense VR project pilot.

"VR was the subject of a presentation to the Client, whose teams were sincerely surprised and impressed to discover this new training tool deployed by CIS. It's worth pointing out that we're the only ones to have it on site at the moment, and maybe in the whole country", says Haroun in Chad.

These results illustrate the positive impact of the Eyesense VR training solution on CIS's operational performance, reinforcing its position as a leader in remote site management.

Photos - CIS teams in Mongolia - CIS Mongolia

With key benefits such as reduced risk of injury, optimized training costs and significantly improved learning processes, the Eyesense VR training solution represents an asset in the evolution of training within the CIS Group. Through this initiative, we are reaffirming our commitment to creating a safe, stimulating work environment conducive to the ongoing professional growth of all our teams.

Photos - CIS teams in DRC - CSS

Eyesense website

To find out more about the Eyesense VR training solution and to access detailed information, please visit: https://cis-vr.com/

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