Wed 8 Mar 2023

As part of the International Women's Rights Day, this Wednesday, March 8, 2023, the CIS Group wanted to set up a group action honoring all the women of CIS from the headquarters and the subsidiaries.

What is Women's Day?

International Women's Rights Day is celebrated every year on March 8. This day is an opportunity to commemorate the fight for women's rights.

This year's theme for International Women's Rights Day is "Women in a Changing World of Work: Towards an Equal World of Work in 2030".

CIS Group's 2022 indicators show steady progress toward gender-mixed teams at most levels of the organization :

. 50% of the Board of Directors

. 63.6% of the CIS Group headquarters

. 5,000 women worldwide

The evolution of women within CIS

CIS Group works together with men and women to create an equitable and inclusive culture where employees feel they belong and can act for gender equality, and where people of all genders can develop and give their best.

In order to guarantee the evolution of all women in the Group, CIS has developed tools & processes to guarantee their evolution & all its employees.

Group Action for Women

For this occasion, the CIS Group wanted to set up a fun and inclusive group action to honor all the women of CIS headquarters and subsidiaries.

CIS wanted all the women in the Group to send in a portrait of themselves, preferably wearing a purple accessory, the color symbolizing International Women's Rights Day.

We compiled these photos to create a poster that will be displayed in all CIS restaurants and offices around the world to show the diversity and strength of our community of women.

Example of other action

In Burkina Faso, CIS supports the non-profit organization ASEFV (Association Soutien aux Enfants et Femmes Vulnérables), which helps vulnerable women and children.

Information on International Women's Rights Day 

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